Sirius Software Solutions

Since Apple released its first mobile apps in 2008, Clubs and Hotels have been waiting for a fully integrated Smartphone application that will not only allow marketing and promotion of their venue to members, but enable them to manage their membership and engage with customers anytime and anywhere. Well, the time has come...

Explorer Mk2

The innovative eXplorer Cabinet & VX1 Gaming Platform is at the forefront of server assisted gaming technology in Australia. There is no doubt that the server based solutions are the future of gaming in Australia and we have worked closely with the regulatory bodies and monitoring companies to develop a gaming platform that is reliable, flexible and easy to use.

Flexi-LINK Jackpot System

IG's Flexi-LINK Jackpot System started in 2005 and IG is proud to say that we are the only Australian Owned Link Jackpot manufacturer. In 2006 we commenced exporting our link products overseas. Today our Links are performing exceptionally well in over 35 countries with a presence on every continent around the world.