Gaming Equipment

In addition to the exciting new range of games in our Voyager Catalogue, IG also carry a wide range of second hand / refurbished gaming machines with a large range of popular games. If we don’t currently have the machine you are searching for let us know and we will source it from our industry network.
Flexi-Link Jackpot System

IG's Flexi-LINK Jackpot System started in 2005 and IG is proud to say that we are the only Australian Owned Link Jackpot manufacturer. In 2006 we commenced exporting our link products overseas. Today our Links are performing exceptionally well in over 35 countries with a presence on every continent around the world.
Technical Services

Independent Gaming (IG) currently services over 5,000 gaming machines and currently employs over 20 licenced technicians in NSW. IG has the expertise, experience and flexibility to recognise and adapt the service & maintenance system to best suit the requirements of your venue.

Independent Gaming


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