Flexi-LINK Jackpot System

IG's Flexi-LINK Jackpot System started in 2005 and IG is proud to say that we are the only Australian Owned Link Jackpot manufacturer. In 2006 we commenced exporting our link products overseas. Today our Links are performing exceptionally well in over 35 countries with a presence on every continent around the world.

The success and uniqueness of our Flexi-LINK Jackpot System is due to a number of factors:

  • We advertise to the player a new maximum prize after every jackpot win. This is a first for mystery links in the world

  • We have imbedded in our system a wide range of parameters to select from at a no cost option and with no need for the purchase of Eproms or any other equipment

  • We include Analizor back of house software and provide a full reporting package with the jackpot controllers which allows Gaming Managers to retrieve live data and up to 15 different reports

  • Our new 3D graphics packages have been included in our new MK3 system. We have over 15 graphics packages to choose from within our theme library

  • Two year parts warranty on our systems

  • Flexi-LINK is the first game link designed and manufactured to work with any brand of poker machine in the world. Our system has the best ROI in the industry.

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